Flatpack Milano Shelf



Inspired by the color and playfulness of the “Carlton” shelf by Ettore Sottsass, this shelf takes an alternative attitude toward the form and function than that of the Sottsass shelf. The Flatpack Milano Shelf by Greg Palombo prioritizes function through its form of purely vertical and horizontal planes, and its flatpack nature. Visually the piece is playful, reminiscent of legos in its construction, blocky form and its color.

In the smaller size it measures 62”x50”x14” when assembled and when unassembled, it packs down to 62”x7”x14”. In the larger size it measures 98”x 98”x 17” assembled and packs down to 98”x 13” x17”. With an all bolted and solid wood construction the shelf is sturdy and ready to hold anything. Assembly and disassembly is a snap . The Milano color scheme is superior, but other options in natural wood finishes are also available. All book shelves are made as ordered and have a production time of one month.


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