Arched Coffee Table



Derivative of the Alvar Aalto Y Leg, this table explores the possibilities of the Y Leg with an all wood top as opposed to the Aalto glass top. The wood top is lifted off the frame work of the legs with multiple tenons to give the illusion that it is levitating. The separation of the legs and framework from top allows one to clearly view the sensual curvature of the conjoining arches and see how the lateral frame work seem to waterfall flawlessly into each other creating the Y shaped leg. The rounded edge of the top further accentuates the lift of the top and makes it feel like the one and a half inch thick top appears thinner and less substantial. At the corners of the table the nexus of the rounded corners are the inverse of the Y leg joints which are situated directly below them, creating a visual harmony. The ultimate goal of the table was to create a piece that was an anathema to typical woodworking language which is symptomatic of the tools used to cut and make furniture. The piece is full of curves and complex joints making a piece that is truly in visual harmony.

The dimensions offered are 45”x25”x18”, 45”x 35”x18”, and 45”x45x18”. All tables are made as ordered and have a production time of one month.


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