Flamingo Table



Did you know group of flamingos is called a “flamboyance”? Neither did I, but flamboyant these flamingo side tables are. Many sculptors have sought inspiration from birds, Brancusi, Noguchi, Gill, and Sueharu to name a few. This bird is just pure sculpture, from the volume of the body, the curve of the neck, and the way it appears to levitate on that stick like leg, the flamingo is truly exquisite. The transition from flamingo to the flamingo side table was a daunting task in formal language. With woodworks, heft and angularness seems to be hard to avoid, but this piece works sculpturally because of careful proportions, the rounding of all edges, and the soft color palette. Without knowing this was made of wood, it would be hard to tell. The visual language of the piece transcends a wood vernacular into the sculptural realm revealing itself as a very line based caricature of a flamingo that happens to be a side table.

The table’s top dimension is 22”x14” with a height of 26”. The curved necked member of the flamboyance is 39” tall and the straight necked fella is 41” tall. All necks are conveniently removable with built in hardware for easy shipping and all tables are made from solid cherry wood, painted and finished with lacquer. All tables are made as ordered and have a production time of one month.


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