UltraRainbowla Mirror



Feel like its time to up your onlyfans selfie game? With this UltraRainbowla Mirror inspired by the “Ultrafragola” you’ll look so good, the money will be flowing in so you can finally quit that barista job and show them all you’ve finally made it. Go off queen.

Context and framing are everything when it comes how to perceive and understand. Like a frame to a photo or a garden to a house. The mirror is a celebration of you, the colors lend themselves to joy and happiness, bright and luxurious. So when you see yourself dressed before your day, you start the day with a celebration of yourself. Light and water, the elixir of life, create a rainbow and you are front and center.

Full body mirror is 70” tall, 32” wide and 4” deep. The mirror itself is 65” tall by 24” wide. Work is made as ordered and production time is one month.


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