Round Dining Table



The round dining table is sleek and concise with its round top and three legs that tuck under giving the table an elevated feel with a dose of color.

Another Alvar Aalto inspired piece that draws from the classic three leg Aalto stool. The Aalto stool sits heavy and grounded with the legs protruding past the seat. Palombo has takes an alternative approach and flipped the legs around so they are situated well under the top of the table. This gives the table a more elevated and weightless feeling. While sitting at the table, the leg joint is not in view and the legs seem to come from nowhere resulting in its weightlessness. When viewed from a far, the leg joints are visible and they appear to grow out from the table in an organic manner. The result of this is a beautifully simple design with a great universality.

The dimensions are 45” x 45” x 30”. The table is made from solid cherry wood and painted with lacquer. All tables are made as ordered and have a production time of one month.


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