Squiggle Side Table



Square on the outside, squiggly on the inside. This side table is just confirmation that one’s charm and peculiarities lie on the inside.

This table is the third iteration result of a long study and obsession Palombo has with French Baroque work, specifically the undulation and tapering transitions of the legs into the apron of chairs and tables. The mission has been to extract certain elements from this historic work and give it a new life in a contemporary formal language and color. While maintaining the ridged exterior profile of a clean modern aesthetic, Palombo has simultaneously given life to the undulating interior of the legs and apron. The look of this table is subtle and understated yet quite complex as you start to que in on the details.

Dimensions are 20” x 20” x 26”. The table is made from solid cherry wood and painted with lacquer. All tables are made as ordered and have a production time of one month.


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