From Memphis to Milano, and Modernism to Post Modernism

Each piece starts with an idea. Either stemming from historical roots, some strange conviction I have, or a response to qualities of materials and workmanship. I try to be wed to nothing which encourages freedom to explore the genre of furniture to all ends. Ideas flow and freshness prevails continually breathing new life into the work, always searching for something can become.

Dovetailed Credenza

Simply designed and punctuated by stunning details in craftsmanship.

Squiggle Side Table

Subtly breaking typical furniture vernacular.

Flamingo Side Table

Too elegant to be kitsch, so conceptually odd it must be contemporary.

Arched Coffee Table

Modernist inspiration resulting in a timeless design.

UltraRainbowla Mirror

Stunning, fresh and funky. You’ll never look better in another mirror

Round Kitchen Table

the perfect table for your everyday kitchen activities

Arched Side Table

A sibling of it coffee table predecessor. Timeless and modern

LTT Suite Coffee Table

displaying the beauty of wood’s natural essence punctuated by exacting craftsmanship

Banana Bench

charmingly offbeat and quirky.

Cactus Coatrack

A coatrack disguised as a cactus. What’s not to love.

Flatpack Milano Shelf

Complexity in color and simplicity in form and function. And it packs down flat