Greetings, I am Greg Palombo. I grew up in Buffalo New York and attended Alfred University where I received a BFA. After living and working in various places, I now live in southwestern Utah, in a town called Hurricane. Here I work as a furniture designer and maker.

Our home and environments play a big role in our quality of life. The power of design is subtle and omni-present, shaping our rituals and the way we interact with, and in the space. Our environments and the objects in them can create an aura of comfort, solace, and self expression. My work hopes to humbly contribute to this dialog of a space or home.

The work I make takes on various personalities but all have function as a primary goal. The designs are always simple, concise and strive for aesthetic excellence. Sometimes the work is playful, quirky and full of color, or it achieves a simple elegance that is understated and subtle, demanding little visual attention in which it becomes one with the space.

Design and Build Process

The process of designing and building comes together through multiple stages of problem solving and reconciling issues encountered along the way. The beginning starts with an idea that was spurred organically from something seen or observed, sometimes its a color, form, or inspiration from a historical work. Other times it start through a series of drawings, searching for something, or anything, that could be translated into furniture, or an aspect of furniture that can be built and expand off from, and in turn, create a successful work.

After a worthy idea appears, drawing after drawing are done trying to flush out its form, proportions, and other subtleties while retaining true to the original concept. After many drawings, a couple iterations are finalized in the two-dimensional drawings. Now, confronted with how it will look in the three-dimensional realm and the issue of how it will be built, models are made to figure out the construction process and see if it holds the same characteristics in physical space that led to is success as an idea and drawing. Some kinks are worked through at this stage in preparation for a final work coming to be. Next, the wood is hand selected for the best boards and the piece is hand crafted to exacting standards, and finished with lacquer.