Custom work

There are the four main categories that custom work falls into and they depends on who you are and what you are looking for. Whatever you are seeking, I happy to help in whatever way I can

-Works for interior designers made specifically to their designs and their clients needs.

-Custom pieces for individuals made for their space and aesthetic preferences.

-Custom work designed and made by me where clients are looking for something totally unique and one of a kind.

-Pieces for small batch production for furniture designers looking to see their ideas in full scale physical form.

Interior Designers

I provide a service that furnishes a one of a kind piece to you and your clients exact needs . No matter what the style or what the space, I can make just about anything.

Furniture Designers

Whether you are looking for a small batch of pieces or a couple one off pieces for prototypes , send me the piece specifications and Ill get you a quote. I ship anywhere in the country so where ever you are located, you get the work easily and safely.


I offer bespoke furniture specific to your aesthetic preferences and your space’s needs. Whether you are looking for something very specific, or you want me to design the piece completely, I have you covered.

Material Choices and Finish

Material choices mostly come down to your aesthetic preferences and choosing what best fits your space and style. Sometimes materials are chosen for their functional nature as well, typically table tops that will see a lot of action tend to be made of harder woods. Also the piece’s location can be important as some woods age beautifully with some direct light and some gets faded and bleached.

As for finish, different woods stain to different colors if desired and matching colors to something you already have is simple and easy. For a protective layer the piece is either sprayed with lacquer or rubbed with oil.

Below are the wood types I use the most. If others wood types are desired please tell me and I will find a way to source them.






rift white oak

white oak

What kind of pieces I offer.

Through my years of custom work experience I have just about made it all. Most commonly ordered are desks, tables, chairs, benches, case pieces, and bedframes. Whatever you are thinking, just contact me and we can discuss how to get it done.

A Guarantee in Craftsmanship and Material

Every piece I make comes with a guarantee that ensures any defects in craftsmanship and or material. So if a problem ever arises with your piece I repair or replace it free of charge.

Want to work together?
Send me an email about your idea or projects and we can get some quotes and provide guidance.

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